City Silence

Welcome to The Well.
Where we sit together for a few minutes or longer in city spaces, schools and community places. Where we slow the world down and notice what we smell, hear, taste and feel. Where we notice our thoughts, the genius ones right along with the harebrained ones. Where we notice each other’s beauty. Where we turn off our digital devices and tune into our capacity for stillness, focus, wonder, creativity, compassion, and awe.

Whether your well is City Silence, True Body Project or Mindful Music Moments, you’ll find simple and profound practices to remember that we are all deserving humans who want to feel better and do well in the world.

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Mindful Poetry Gathering - November 2021

This month for Mindful Poetry Moments we gathered to listen and contemplate Hanif Abdurraqib's poem When We Were 13, Jeff’s Father Left The Needle Down On A Journey Record Before Leaving The House One Morning And Never Coming Back. A Mindful Moment trustee and Integrative Health Coach, Kami Lerma,...… read on

Join Us to Provide Safety, Empowerment and Growth for All.

I want to support the work of A Mindful Moment! Dear Ones, Meet Rychous. Rychous is one of the 105,319 students who listens to Mindful Music Moments every morning in schools across our nation. Since she is a kindergartner, she did not have to experience the complexities of the...… read on