City Silence


Welcome to The Well.

Wellness practices are often quite simple. Yet our busy lives may convince us otherwise and keep us moving quickly past grounding practices that keep us mentally, physicially, emotionally and spiritually equipped to live our fullest lives.

The programs of The Well elegantly combine aspects of mindfulness, arts, social-emotional learning, play, movement and poetry into practices for regular use within schools, hospitals, and communities. We love collaboration so our best work is with others and we are delighted to partner with world-class arts, social service, education and health care providers.

Read on to learn about bringing City Silence, True Body Project or Mindful Music and its related programs to you. 

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City Silence supports individuals who wish to hold space for their own meditation/mindfulness practice and invite others to join. Whether you participate in or host a City Silence gathering, we hope you will come to appreciate how the practice of connecting mind to body, connecting human to human, can deeply enhance your life and the health of our communities.

Mindful Music Moments, now in more than 290 PreK-12 schools, reaches 106,000+ students in a calming and focusing ritual. Each day, students, teachers, and administrators take 3-5 minutes to turn inward together with a mindfulness prompt and world-class music. We partner with world-class performing arts and literary organizations on Mindful Music and Mindful Poetry Moments. Mindful Music also now serves hospitals. 

True Body Project (TBP) was The Well's first program and provides a depth of experience in trauma-informed, social-emotional, culturally literate work. Currently, TBP offers Leadership Training, workshops, and curricula so that individuals can bring this work to schools and organizations in their area. The TBP curriculum serves all genders ages 8 and has been experienced by individuals and groups from around the world.