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Mindful Poetry Moments

Mindful Music Moments Collaborates with The On Being Project for National Poetry Month Offering

Young students might not usually encounter poetry in the course of normal school day, so this year, during National Poetry Month, Mindful Music Moments and The On Being Project want to offer a chance to pause and reflect on poetry’s ability to encounter ourselves, the world, and the mystery of each other. This special collaboration is called Mindful Poetry Moments, available April 2019.

Participating schools will be offered recordings of poets — including Elizabeth Alexander, Layli Long Soldier, Naomi Shihab Nye and David Whyte — reading their work from the On Being radio show and podcast. The audio will be accompanied by mindful prompts and meaning-making questions like "Where in your body do you feel this poem?” and "What’s a line in this poem that brings a strong visual image to your mind?"

Mindful Music Moments' core program combines mindfulness prompts and classical music for daily deliver, generally over the announcements, to more than 100 schools and 50,000 students each day. Founder Stacy Sims says, "The thought-leaders and poets who have been featured on On Being with Krista Tippett have had a profound effect on me personally, and I am so excited to share these voices with our schools.”

Mindful Poetry Moments will be included free of charge to all existing school partners. New schools can access the content for $125 (schoolwide use), $35 (classroom use) and $15 (homeschool use).  Sims promises, "If a school wishes to use the program, we will work to make it accessible to them."

For additional information, contact Stacy Sims.

About Mindful Music and On Being

The On Being Project

The On Being Project is a media and public life initiative. We make a public radio showpodcasts, and tools for the art of livingSix grounding virtues guide everything we do. We explore the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community, poetry, and the arts.

Mindful Music Moments

Imagine an entire school -- students, teachers and administrators -- taking time each morning to turn inward together, listen to a brief mindfulness prompt, classical music and/or poetry. That's Mindful Music Moments, now in 100 + K-12 schools, camps and social service organizations daily and climbing, touching more than 50,000 students in a calming and focusing ritual.

Mindful Music Moments works in partnership with world-class organizations including The Cleveland OrchestraCincinnati SymphonyColumbus SymphonyCincinnati OperaColumbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA),  Opera ColumbusAustin Opera, Starting Arts and now The On Being Project to bring daily mindfulness and classical music to schools and community places, generally delivered during announcements.