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Mindful Music General FAQ's

Posted on 11/06/17 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

1. Do we have to use it over the announcements for the entire school? Can teachers just use it on their own?

We created Mindful Music Moments so that individual teachers are not tasked with the additional job of delivering Mindful Music each day and instead, so they can simply listen, calm and focus with their students. We have found that unless schools already have a morning meeting and have highly mindful teachers, the program is not likely to be implemented consistently. That said, we understand every school has a different culture and established rituals so we have made it as simple as possible for teachers to use the program each day in addition to or instead of as a dedicated Tier 1 PBIS Strategy for all.

2. Can Mindful Music be used outside of school?

Yes! We encourage you to share your school password with staff and families to cultivate mindfulness practices at home.

Also, we can create custom content for your non-school organization! We have created playlists for hospital staff and patients and other arts organizations. For information on how we might serve your wellness needs, connect with us.

3. Does MMM have to be played in the morning?

We understand that the school day is complicated with multiple start times and some classes dedicated to teaching in every second allocated to them. Most of our schools use the morning announcements but some use it after recess/lunch, others rotate when it is played each day, and some have started with one time a week as a school with teachers more likely than to use it independently. We also have schools that begin and end the day with Mindful Music.

4. What grades does MMM work best for?

MMM has been most embraced at the Pre-K and Elementary level but is equally successful for Middle and High schools. The prompts are written to be as engaging as possible across many ages and the practice of listening and noticing, especially playfully, is precisely what defines mindfulness. In 2019, we created a separate program for our earliest learners so you can view the Preschool pricing here.

5. What if we can't afford it?

We priced MMM to be as affordable as we could for a daily, high-impact program. We can help you secure funding in your own area or apply scholarship funds to your account. Basically, if you want it for your school and will implement it, we will find a way for you to have MMM.

6. Is it a one-time fee?

The first year of Mindful Music Moments is $1000 for a year of daily content, training, and support. The renewal fee at present is $760 per year. ($20 per week for 38 weeks). We often give discounts on that renewal from prompt responses to year-end surveys. We also give districts discounts for multiple school enrollment.

7. Can I talk to a Principal or Teacher at another MMM school to hear about their experience. Or can I visit a school?

Yes and yes. We are happy to have you visit a school during their MMM or talk to a peer. Just let us know.

8. My students won't take it seriously. What do I do?

We think that you might be surprised about your student response to MMM, especially if you, the teacher, model stillness. We are happy to visit individual classrooms to help encourage earnest participation. We try to encourage teachers to let students journal or stare off into the distance, as long as they are quiet and respectful. The brain break that MMM affords works overtime, even if the students aren't in the standard "eyes closed, still body" posture.

Let us know how we can support you! Email us any time.