Mindful Music Moments

Imagine an entire school – students, teachers, and administrators – taking time each morning to turn inward together, and listen to a brief mindfulness prompt and world-class music.

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The Well's programs combine best practices in arts and wellness and are designed in partnership with those they serve. How do we create our programs? In partnership with others and especially those we serve.

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We love collaborating with local, national and international community partners and peoples in a variety of arts programming and mindfulness practices.


We are a small yet mighty team, dedicated to making a big difference with what we have. Your support means the world to us.

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mindful-music-momentsMindful Music Moments

Available For: Schools Schools Organizations Organizations Groups & Families Groups & Families Individuals Individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We'd love to help! Check our Frequently Asked Questions below, or reach out to us.

How should I implement Mindful Music Moments?

Mindful Music Moments was designed to be played every day school-wide over the morning announcements so that individual teachers are not tasked with extra work to deliver Mindful Music each day and so teachers can model calm and stillness for their students and use Mindful Music as their own oxygen mask each day. That said, we understand every school has a different culture and established rituals so we’ve made our content as simple and flexible as possible to use in whatever way works best for you:

  • School-wide, implemented by individual teachers.
  • In one or a few classrooms.
  • After lunch, recess, or gym (high-energy periods).
  • Before a testing period.
  • Download content from our portal and upload it into Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, or other student-learning systems.
  • Once or a few times throughout the week.
  • Ultimately, there is no wrong way to experience a Mindful Moment during your day!

How do I reset my login password?

Passwords are manually created by The Well staff. If you forgot or would like to change your password, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming, for assistance.

Who can use my Mindful Music Moments account?

We encourage you to share your school’s custom-created password with your entire school community! That includes teachers, students, staff, paraprofessionals, parents, and anyone else that could benefit from having a Mindful Moment in their day. By sharing your account, appreciating music, and taking a brief moment each day to reflect, Mindful Music Moments can become a deeply loved and embedded part of your school culture.

How do I access Mindful Music Moments on a computer or mobile device?

All of our content is available online in our web portal. You can listen to audio files and access documents and video links without having to download anything extra. For quick access to the portal, download our web app for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Since it is web-based, our app can not be found in the app store, but rather downloaded from our website.

For web app download, video viewing, other tech instructions + FAQ, click here.

What grades does Mindful Music Moments work best for?

We strongly believe that everyone who listens to Mindful Music Moments — no matter their age — finds an element that speaks to them and their personal mindfulness experience. The prompts are written to be as engaging and relevant as possible across many ages and listening abilities.

  • “Mindful Music makes me feel like a sea turtle swimming in the ocean”
    - Kindergarten Student, Cincinnati
  • “I love the time we get to just "be" and listen to great music!”
    -Middle School Student, North Dakota
  • “Mindful Music Moments piqued my curiosity as an adult. I now listen to certain composers that I had never known about prior to MMM.”
    -3rd Grade Teacher, San Francisco

We’ve also created a separate program for our earliest PreK/TK learners with simpler prompts and shorter music at a lower cost (view preview content here). And piloted a weekly version of Mindful Music Moments for adults in the workplace. Have a new idea for Mindful Music Moments? Let us know!

Do you offer discounts for districts or smaller schools?

Yes! We offer lower rates for Single Classrooms, Preschools, & Homeschools available on our subscription page. We also have a discounted district rate of $800 per school ($760 to renew) if you’re interested in purchasing Mindful Music Moments for a district or multiple locations. If you're interested in district pricing, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming, for a special subscription link.

What if we can’t afford Mindful Music Moments?

We believe everyone needs a mindful moment. That's why we make this affordable program even more affordable thanks to the generosity of our partners & funders across the country. If your school, classroom, or organization is looking for financial assistance, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming, before subscribing. We have many sponsorships and grant funding available!

Our program is already available for FREE in many regions including for Preschools in Ohio, PreK-12 in Greater Cleveland, PreK-12 in Greater Pittsburgh, and PreK-12 in Nevada.

Is my subscription a one-time fee?

For a school-wide subscription, the first year of Mindful Music Moments is $1000 ($25 per week for 40 weeks) for a year of daily content, training, support, and additional resources. The renewal fee is $760 every following year. For our lower-rate subscriptions (Single Classroom, Preschool, and Homeschool), the renewal rate is equal to the first-year rate.

My students won’t take it seriously. What do I do?

You might be surprised about your students’ responses to Mindful Music Moments, especially when teachers and adults in the room are able to model stillness. For students who may not be able to sit still at first, encourage them to journal, color or draw, or stare off into the distance as long as they are quiet and respectful.

For students who need something more visual rather than audio-only, we now offer daily video content (available in the portal) with our new mascot Mel O. Dee and colorful, audio-responsive animations.

The brain break that Mindful Music Moments affords works over time, even if the students aren't in the standard "eyes closed, still body" posture.

What if I want to access both the PreK and K-12 content?

We find that in some schools, our K-12 content works across the board for PreK-12 environments, but for a more curated experience for our youngest learners, you may want to set up a separate PreK account.

To access both the PreK and K-12 content, you will need two accounts using different emails. You’ll receive unique login passwords to access the different content.

If your school has already signed up for K-12 school-wide, you can create a free PreK account. Otherwise, we have PreK subscriptions available for $125 (annually) and have many scholarships available for schools/classrooms that need financial assistance. You can find our subscription form online here, or email bryce@thewell.world for direct assistance.

Can I switch from K-12 to PreK content or vise versa?

Yes. To switch your content from K-12 to PreK with no additional charge, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming.

To switch your content from PreK to K-12*, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming.

*If you are currently using a paid PreK subscription and would like to use K-12 Mindful Music beyond a single-classroom, please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming, to discuss rates and financial assistance. Otherwise, we can switch you over from PreK to K-12 with no additional charge.

How do you choose the music for Mindful Music Moments?

Our program began in 2016 by integrating classical music into the classroom, but has since expanded to include orchestral, jazz, world, and new music (often commissioned by The Well). The majority of selections are instrumental, but you may come across a few vocal selections as well (choirs, musicals, or soundtracks).

Our goal with music selections is to:

1. Show students all types of music–both familiar and unfamiliar–that can be well-loved and well-appreciated in a mindfulness context.

2. Reflect our students’ lived experiences in the music by selecting composers and performers that match and exceed the ratio of demographics reported by schools when they sign up.

The order of music throughout the year is often determined by recommended themes which you can find on your playlist in the portal. There are a wide range of themes, but they tend to fall into one of these categories:

  • Emotions, like Calm or Celebration
  • Subject Matter, like Water, Nature, or Space
  • Honoring Heritage, like Black or Women’s History Month
  • Instrument Features, like Piano, Cello, or Percussion

Have a music recommendation or a new idea? We would love to hear! Please contact Bryce Kessler, Director of Music & Arts Programming.

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