City Silence

Stories from the Well

Deep Rest When You are Depressed (or Just Exhausted)

Posted on 03/29/22 by Isti in 10-Minute Pause

When I was younger, nobody told me that I was allowed to rest when I was tired. Nobody told me that I was allowed to pause and fix myself when I was broken. Nobody told... read more

Do I Know How I Look Without a Mirror?

Posted on 03/15/22 by Isti in 10-Minute Pause

I want to open this writing with John O’Donohue's words: “I think the beauty of being human is that we are incredibly, intimately near each other, we know about each other, but yet we do... read more

Discovering Inner Meaning

Posted on 02/10/22 by Isti in 10-Minute Pause

Have you ever felt reborn after a long death? You may interpret my question literally or not. My birthday, on December 31st, 2020, was my resurrection time after many things—things that actually have been fragile... read more

Soul Teacher

Posted on 01/27/22 by Isti in 10-Minute Pause

I first heard of the term “soul sister” from my Cuban-American friend during my time studying for my peace education masters at UPEACE, Costa Rica. I never knew that “soul" could be outside of oneself,... read more