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The Well's programs combine best practices in arts and wellness and are designed in partnership with those they serve. How do we create our programs? In partnership with others and especially those we serve.

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We are a small yet mighty team, dedicated to making a big difference with what we have. Your support means the world to us.

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Introducing our Well Loved Awards

We aspire to be present and loving as humans and as a mindful organization. We recognize how hard this is to achieve, particularly in our fast-paced world where micro transactions are favored currency over patient and kind connection.

It was during my weekly visits to Brown Bear Bakery over the summer when I conceived the idea of the Well Loved Award. EVERYTHING about the Brown Bear experience makes you feel better than when you entered. 

So the team at The Well has created an award to honor people, places and organizations that go above and beyond to make the world a better place, one loving gesture at a time.

Here is our growing list of recipients.

Alisa Smith - 2024

Alisa has helmed our Board of Directors for three years, guiding us out of our formation stage as our own non-profit into a strategy and values-led organization. Alisa brought us warmth, intellect, kindness and creativity and we will miss her terribly. We do not want to spend too much time without her so we are hopeful that an initiative she led to support other nonprofit organizations into an equitable shared services model for sustainable growth and impact will turn into a robust pilot with Alisa supporting it.

Brown Bear Bakery - 2023

If you haven't visited this OTR gem or their new Clifton bakery, then you simply must. We're not kidding. Beyond the DELICIOUS baked goods, the owners and staff at Brown Bear are so consistently loving, kind and gracious. You already feel the love even before you taste the love.  They are dedicated to small batch, fresh ingredient deliciousness. And we LOVE them.

Dr. John and Susan Tew - 2023

The Tews are extraordinary humans who enrich so many lives in Cincinnati and beyond. Their support on our founding board and as Emeritus trustees is full of love, generosity, wisdom and passion for connection, wellness and longevity. We are so fortunate to know them.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - 2023

Beyond their impressive mission -- to empower all Cincinnatians to build community and create a positive future through revitalization, education, and mobilization -- are the impressive people who make it happen. KCB helped us get an artist-adorned garbage can for outside our new space in Camp Washington. It has cut down on street litter tremendously. When we needed help turning an overgrown lot into a pocket park for Planet Love, the KCB team GOT IT DONE. The timeline was super short and the work harder than we imagined. Alistair and Megan made it look easy, even though we knew that they had to go above and beyond to support us. 

Elena Estella Green - 2023

Elena is poetry in motion. One of our 2023 Wellspring Fellows, Elena reminds us that there are many ways to feel unseen and one of them has to do with aging. Elena is not only ever-young, but seems to be constructed of love and beautiful words. More than that, Elena shows up. She is our most regular guest at our Monday Morning Meditation sessions and a dear friend of Mindful Poetry Moments, True Body Project and other programs. We know that we are not the only organization Elena supports with her kind and generous presence AND we feel so lucky to be seen by Elena.

Mom 'N' Em - 2023

We may be tipping our hand about our own love for sweet treats and delicious coffee, but when you have Mom 'N' Em in your neighborhood, you can't help but show the love. Ferrari brothers Austin and Tony showed their love for their mother Theresa by creating this bespoke coffee, wine and neighborhood eatery for her. And better yet, for all of us. The food is delicious, the wines and fish tins great to-go gifts, the indoor and outdoor vibe can't be beat. But it is the family love you feel every time you walk in the door. Same thing for their newer Madisonville spot, but our neighborhood Mom 'N' Em has our hearts. 

Alisa award

Patrick Raneses, Alisa Smith and Bryce Kessler celebrate Alisa at our Board Retreat.

photo of Chaske and Bryce

Chaske Haberkos of Brown Bear with Bryce Kessler from The Well

photo of John and Susan Tew.

Dr. John and Susan Tew. Well loved, indeed!

Screenshot2023 10 17at4.43.03pm

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful does just that. With a lot of love.

KCB at Planet Love photo

Megan Beck (L), The Well's Stacy Sims, and Alistair Probst, (R).


Elena Estella Green. Poetry in motion.


Theresa Ferrari and Bryce Kessler, showing the love.

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We are a small yet mighty team, dedicated to making a big difference with what we have. Your support means the world to us.


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