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True Body Project

Sometimes being a human is hard, but having the resources, skills, and support you need to maneuver through life – while living in a body – can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

At some point in life, you may find yourself feeling disconnected, checked out, or uncomfortable living life in your one true body. Prolonged stress, personal, collective, or transgenerational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and societal or cultural unrest can skew your perspective making it necessary to do the work of reframing your identity and aligning your personal narrative with truth.

Even in times of confusion, you may still have a deep knowing that you want to feel more at ease. You may subconsciously feel a desire to nourish, heal, or reconnect to your true self. Intentional cultivation allows you to live life as a full expression of yourself and establish deeper, more meaningful connections with others. But, knowing what steps to take to move toward healing and connection can be difficult, and fruitless attempts can lead to even more frustration, and that’s where True Body Project comes in.

The True Body Project Experience

True Body Project is a multidimensional, experiential program centered on empowering participants to find comfort and freedom in their bodies as they move through the human experience. It holds space for each individual as they rediscover who they are at the depths of their being and learn to fully express themselves. True Body Project creates a safe environment for them as they heal and nourish themselves and learn to trust, love, and feel confident being themselves.

True Body Project is rooted in mindfulness, somatic experiencing, empathy, and attunement and is incorporated into existing cognitive, emotional, and relational treatment modalities. We organize and play around themes such as grounding, centering, and orienting and explore those themes through activities including movement, writing, art-making, poetry readings, and deep listening.

Opportunities for Engagement

True Body Project is for everyone. This award-winning, trauma-informed, social-emotional learning, mind-body work has been designed to be effective across cultures and has been experienced by individuals and groups from around the world. It has been successfully implemented across cultural, language, and literacy barriers for humans ages six and up.

For Individuals

True Body Project: Mindful Embodiment Practice Sessions
Offered in single sessions or in a series of sessions, Mindful Embodiment Practice Sessions are for everyone whether you are new to True Body or experienced with the practices. These sessions allow for a safe, comfortable space to do the work of healing, nourishing, and connecting.

New Sessions for 22/23 scheduled.

True Body Project: Mindful Embodiment Masterclass
A three-month, deep, immersive, personal journey through the True Body Project curriculum offers participants the opportunity to experience healing and connection with a cohort of supportive fellow journeyers.


Winter 2023 Training Now Open

True Body Project: Leadership Training
This training is for those who would like the opportunity to teach the True Body Project curriculum in schools and organizations in their area and/or use the concepts and practices to bolster their current body of work.

Cross Cultural Leadership Training in Cambodia: January 2023

For Agencies & Schools

The True Body Project and/or the My True SELF curriculum with a focus on social-emotional learning, can be brought to your agency or school for staff, students, or clients of all ages in the form of:

  • After-school programs
  • Camps
  • Workshops, Assemblies & Retreats
  • Professional Development Trainings
  • Whole-school PBIS Curriculum 
  • Special Programs
  • Mindful Classrooms 

For Community Groups & Workplaces

True Body Project can also be brought to your community group or workplace in the form of:

  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Opening Meditations for Events & Presentations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Keynote Addresses

True Body Project History

The True Body Project was created by Stacy Sims in 2005 as an intensive summer program for teen girls. That six-week, daily curriculum married art, writing, movement, mindfulness, activism, media literacy, gender studies, and holistic wellness and encouraged girls to deepen their own exploration of what it means to be a human in a body and to share their experiences truthfully to advocate for the wellness of self and others. The girls created a literary journal that summer and a short film. 

Over the next decade, True Body Project hosted school programs, residential camps for girls, and began to work cross-culturally with organizations in Southeast Asia, developing expertise in embodiment and somatic literacy in a cross-cultural framework. 

While True Body Project still serves girls and women, the curriculum has been updated and has been implemented with all genders from the kindergarten level to the age of 80 and beyond. 

The Future of True Body Project

True Body Project continues to adapt to meet the growing needs of our communities. We believe in collaboration and creating space for deep work. We will continue to walk in this space ourselves as we reach out and connect with others who would like to be on this journey with us. 

True Body Project Leadership Training Alum 

TBP: Leadership Training Alum directory. 


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