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Mindful Poetry Gathering - December 2021

Posted December 22, 2021 in News Articles

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This month for Mindful Poetry Moments we gathered to listen and contemplate the poem "La Bota" by Esteban Rodríguez. Troy Bronsink, Coach, Facilitator and Founder of The Hive , opened wth a meditation and facilitated the reading and response. (You can watch the full recording here and read the full transcript here.)

Community Response Poems

Marking Stones
(in remembrance, for my father)
By Wendy Cabell

If a person comes close to God…
he cannot be far from home.
–Saint Samthann of Conbroney

1. Occupation, Travel Publisher
Marking stones, left as bones. As in
writing down the bones, as in one Voice
only (to drone), as in markers leading

2. Elaboration
Always heard there’d be bread crumbs. But it's
more like confetti in the dark, falls to
follow. Over ground left fallow, awaiting Sun–
and a table. Little knowing, until the
breaking of bread.

3. Collaboration
He who plays the soul at the wedding of
Heaven and earth–as spirit gives sway–rests
hands gently. Warm upon this instrument
of His choosing. Of His making, breath and
bone. As we circle hearth of home,
to listen.

4. Benefaction

Shifting one bottle into another, the vodka to
Saint Anastasia's elixir, is inevitable. She
presides, day of your birth. Eyes rest now
on dark rubbed smooth, scene of Japan. On
lacquer box, on your desk. At hand, knowing
perfect’s a voyage--hold in mind. As kind,
as craft, as leave only
love behind.

*From combined prompts: Freewrite as inspired by (in 1) etymology/concept of horizon; (in 2) Nicole Brossard's Smooth Horizon of the Verb Love; (in 3) Risto Oikarinen's The Wind Howls, Plays the Saw, Bends the Hazed Horizon; and (in 4) Esteban Rodriguez's La Bota. 1-3 From Lisa Freedman's BreatheReadWrite, 4 from The Well/On Being's Mindful Poetry Moments, both December 22, 2021.

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