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Join Us to Provide Safety, Empowerment and Growth for All.

Posted November 16, 2021 in News Articles

Author: Rowe Schnure

I want to support the work of A Mindful Moment!

Dear Ones,

Meet Rychous.

Rychous is one of the 105,319 students who listens to Mindful Music Moments every morning in schools across our nation.

Since she is a kindergartner, she did not have to experience the complexities of the last two years in the same way many children who we serve did. The vast majority of our young listeners didn’t even get to attend school in person and instead had to depend on an imperfect, inequitable net of services.

According to the demographic information reported by our partner schools, 42,074 of our Mindful Music students live at or below the poverty line. Poverty serves up daily doses of stress and trauma and is now proven to be an impediment to learning outcomes and to future wellness of mind, body and spirit. Coupled with a global pandemic, where the ground is even more uncertain and uneven, these children are the canaries in our collective coal mine.

We all know how quickly things can change. One second, we are fine. The next, after we’ve learned some bad news or experienced another hardship or trigger to our already exhausted nervous system, we can feel profoundly altered. The same thing happens to children, each and every day.

Mindful Music Moments reverse engineers the potency of a moment toward hope.

Humans need to feel hopeful. In science it’s called homeostasis, where we have enough energy to do the work we call living and enough left over to dream of singing, to feel the beat of the drums, to create a meaningful future out of the learnings of the day.

Whether through Mindful Music Moments or one of our other programs, we create moments like these, with amazing collaborations with some of the world’s great performing arts, literary and meaning-making organizations.

We need your support as we continue doing the crucial work of providing a place of safety, empowerment and growth for students like Rychous and students of all ages across our various programs. We cannot do it without you.

Will you join us?

I want to support the work of A Mindful Moment!

In the last year, we:

  • Commissioned an All-Ohio new work for Mindful Music Moments. The 12 minute piece was -inspired by Mindful Music students, composed by Brian Raphael Nabors, and performed by string quartets of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Symphony and The Cleveland Orchestra.

I want to support the work of A Mindful Moment!

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