Mindful Music Moments

Imagine an entire school – students, teachers, and administrators – taking time each morning to turn inward together, and listen to a brief mindfulness prompt and world-class music.

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The Well's programs combine best practices in arts and wellness and are designed in partnership with those they serve. How do we create our programs? In partnership with others and especially those we serve.

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We love collaborating with local, national and international community partners and peoples in a variety of arts programming and mindfulness practices.


We are a small yet mighty team, dedicated to making a big difference with what we have. Your support means the world to us.

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Mindful Sound Healing Moment

Sarah Yeung, of SKY Sound Yoga and seen above, leads Mindful Sound Healing Moments for students and teachers who participate in Mindful Music Moments.

This is a collaboration of The Well and SKY Sound Yoga that was a part of Sarah's participating as our Wellspring Fellow in 2021. Sarah kindly agreed to share these videos with all of you. 

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Mindful Sound Healing Moment: Grounding

Mindful Sound Healing Moment


Mindful Sound Healing Moment: Relaxation

Mindful Sound Healing Moment


About Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are powerful sound healing modalities. The singing bowls’ impact on our brainwaves (theta waves) have been found to be similar to that of deep meditation and are considered gateways to relaxation, clarity, intuition, and memory. 

The singing bowls Sarah uses are handcrafted by Himalayan artisans using ancient traditions. Artisans hand-pound these bowls with seven special metals until they produce specific tones, while chanting mantras, infusing the bowls with healing intentions and positive vibrations.

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We are a small yet mighty team, dedicated to making a big difference with what we have. Your support means the world to us.


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