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True Body Cohort Feature: Karen Pinsky

Posted on 09/08/20 by Rowe in True Body Project

Karen and Eric 3 years before his passing.

Karen and Eric 3 years before his passing.

Each month we will feature an individual from our True Body 2020 Leadership Training Virtual Cohort.

Karen Pinsky joins the True Body Leadership cohort from Cincinnati, OH. She shares that her goal in attending True Body training is "...to discover more ways to work on my own triggers, relax myself and then pass that onto my members [of The Compassionate Friends.]"

Twenty-three and litle more than a half years ago, Karen lost her 23 year-old son, Eric, in a single car wreck. After a few months of receiving "well-meaning" but often times useless advice on how to handle her grief, Karen received an invitation to join a peer support group for parents who had lost a child. Karen was hesitant but out of desperation showed up and hasn't stopped since. Over the past 23 years Karen has been involved as participant, chapter leader and now regional coordinator of The Compassionate Friends, a peer support group for parents who have experienced a loss of a child at any age.

The premise behind TCF is that by listening to others' stories- particularly those further down the road than yourself, you see that #1, you are not alone and #2, there is hope for the future. In the first few years it is hard to imagine you will ever have happiness in your life- ever want happiness in your life- but when you meet others who are much further down the road who describe their journey- their new found resilience- you start to think it may be possible for you. as well.

Most of the chapters have monthly meetings- many also have additional "social" gatherings throughout the month. Karen's particular chapter, which meets in the Tri-County area of Cincinnati, meets the 1st Tuesday of the month and also has a dinner out the 3rd Thursday of the month. You can find a meeting or reach out for more information at www.tcfcincinnatinorth.org and/or their Facebook page (The Compassionate Friends, Cincinnati North.)

Karen shares of her experience with The Compassionate Friends, "I think for many people, actively working towards something- especially something that helps others- somehow takes your focus off your profound sadness and allows glimpses of hope to pop in. "

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