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Creating a Sense of Ease in Difficult Times with Mindful Music

Posted on 02/11/20 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

A visit to the hospital can be uncomfortable for anyone. But for a child, the beeping of machinery, the constant shuffle of nurses and the unfamiliarity can make rest feel impossible. This is how five-year-old Joe was feeling while being hospitalized with pneumonia just before Christmas. Joe’s mother Jenna shared a post on social media about Joe’s hospitalization and The Well Founder, Stacy Sims, wanted to help. Stacy had just been in the recording studio creating meditations for our Mindful Music pilot with UC Health and offered to create a guided meditation specifically for Joe.

Once Stacy’s voice came on Joe immediately perked up, settled in his seat, and became still, his mother Jenna shared. Joe is a student at The Milford pre-school, a Mindful Music partner school, so he is familiar with Stacy’s voice leading him in Mindful prompts. Through our partnership, Mindful Music provides the opportunity for routine and familiarity of calmness. Which for Joe, who is living with Down Syndrome, routine and familiarity is key.

Now, Joe is home and back to his life of a five year old, playing, having fun and loving music. Through use of their Milford preschool portal to Mindful Music, Jenna and Joe are able to continue their mindful moments. She shared that this past weekend when Joe started to get riled up she suggested they listen to Mindful Music. They chose Gershwin’s “I Loves You Porgy” and as soon as Joe heard the intro chimes he “snapped into meditation mode,” ready to fully engage with the music. Once finished he asked again and again to hear the musical selection and eventually it calmed him down for a nap. Jenna intends to continue using Mindful Music at home to support Joe’s love of music while also nourishing the routine of mindful moments.