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Changing the Future of Cambodia

Posted on 02/05/20 by Abby in True Body Project

The last week of January 2020 The Well hosted True Body Project training in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As part of our program we met in the field of experience with non-profit organizations doing important work to uplift the Cambodian community. We were able to share mindful strategies to manage stress while also learning about each unique mission and needs of the organizations. We were so inspired be each individual we met and want to offer an opportunity for our community a chance to further support their efforts to change the future of Cambodia.

Harpswell Foundation

Harpswell Foundation supports young Cambodian women to attend University with two dormitories that house up to 80 women in Phnom Penh. Founded in 2006 by American physicist, writer and social entrepeneur Alan Lightman, Harpswell not only offers room and board but an in-house curriculum that includes critical thinking, analytical writing, debate, civic engagement, current events, computer, and English and French lessons. These women are clearly the next generation of leaders in Cambodia. And they have been recognized as so, like being invited to the Obama Summit and spotlighted by Michelle Obama’s Girls Opportunity Alliance fund.

Your donations support tuition, dorm maintenance and scholarships for leadership conferences. For example $400 could cover an entire year of University tuition.

You can donate at:

Empowering Youth Cambodia

Empowering Youth in Cambodia (EYC) provides a chance to create a brighter future for Cambodia through education and community support. EYC students range from 6-22 years old and live in slum communities where their families typically lack job prospects, have low levels of education, have multiple children and live at or near the poverty level. EYC’s four community-based schools are the center of their work. We were so lucky to get to visit three of the four schools and meet students of all ages!

Each school is set up in partnership with local communities to offer refuge for like-minded young people looking to improve their lives. We had the opportunity to meet directly with EYC staff, which is made up of over 50% current and former students, for a stress management session. The staff strongly represents the individuals and communities they serve and have such a passion for their work with EYC. To promote better vocational job prospects and University opportunities, EYC offers English and computer classes, which are not offered in state public schools. Additionally EYC offers sports, art and music programs and community outreach such as medical, dental and family planning support.

EYC does so much to promote a better future for Cambodia and your donation directly supports this mission. Your donations could support some needs that they shared with us were a bike for their sports facilitator, reusable water bottles for sports teams, a large computer screen for the teacher of computer classes.

You can donate at:

Krama Yoga NGO

Krama Yoga NGO is supported by Nataraj Yoga studio where we held our workshop and weekday classes. Krama yoga offers yoga and life skills to children and adolescents who may be challenged by poverty, abuse, addictions or lack of familial support. Since being established in 2010 Krama Yoga reaches around 300 children each month through their community outreach classes. Nataraj houses many of these outreach classes, as well as teacher training programs.

Your donations support bringing kids yoga classes to the community. As well as help train, compensate and upkill their yoga teachers and staff. For example $300 to cover 25 children having one yoga class a month for 1 year.

You can donate at:

Chab Dai

Chab Dai seeks to end all forms of abuse and modern slavery by building a movement to empower communities, to strengthen systems, and to restore justice and well being with survivors. Starting in Cambodia, Chab Dai also has a team in the UK to build a stronger, more connected global anti-trafficking community. The Cambodia team that we met with leads a coalition of 51 member organizations based across Cambodia for trainings, bi-annual conferences and to promote best practices and standards of care.

In 2010 Chab Dai embarked on a ten year Butterfly Re/Integration Research project to better understand re-integration for male and female survivors of sex trafficking. Research wrapped in 2019 and results have been presented around the world to allow for participating survivors to be heard from directly and for greater understanding of the complexities of re-integration and the NGO program.

Your donations support their mission to end all forms of abuse and modern slavery. As well as furthering researching on reintegration and holding space for survivors to have their stories be heard.

You can donate at: