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Notice Your New Year

Posted on 12/31/19 by Abby in City Silence

Welcoming a new year straddles the curious space between reflection and forward intention. We can find ourselves caught dwelling on the past year while also making grand statements of resolution for the New Year. But what if we took a moment to just settle into this moment, relish in the cusp of change and notice where our mind and body settles?

Noticing is a powerful practice that gives our selves agency of our bodies and emotions. When we become agitated we may jump out of our bodies and begin to externalize our emotions. The Well founder, Stacy Sims, shares tips (above) on how to settle into a meditation and explore HALT states-of-being (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) that can lead to poor decision-making. She also shares how getting curious about HALT emotions, helps her to notice the bodies reaction to each emotion. (For a deeper practice in noticing the body and its movements try this 'Noticing' guided meditation led by Stacy.)

We want to support new and continuing practices beyond just the new year. To do so, City Silence is offering “Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation” sessions with the Public Library of Hamilton County. Facilitated by either Stacy Sims or yogi, sound healer and True Body Project teacher, Sonya Verma, participants will experience practical tools to help them feel more connected and engaged with themselves and loved ones.

So lets begin this year noticing that just as each sunrise is a new day, each breath is a new moment to notice, connect and grow.