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Blink, and Don't Miss It

Posted on 10/02/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Mindful Music Moments Joins Cincinnati's BLINK Festival, in Partnership with Composer Peter Adams and UpSpring

From October 12 through 15, Cincinnati will be enlightened by BLINK, a free and open community festival of light-based arts experiences. BLINK will span 20 city blocks--from the Banks to Findlay Market--and is expected to be one of the largest events of its kind, featuring projection mapping installations (a la LumenoCity), murals, urban artscapes, media light, interactive art, and more.

As part of BLINK, Mindful Music Moments has partnered with composer Peter Adams and UpSpring, a summer camp for children experiencing homelessness, to contribute an original piece of music to be featured during the four-day festival. Mindful Music Moments commissioned Mr. Adams to compose a piece inspired by the experiences of UpSpring participants. Students were asked to talk about how they have felt most light, joyous, and hopeful, and Mr. Adams created a piece weaving together their responses with his original music. The resulting work, titled "The Light in Me," will be featured during BLINK, as it plays over the illuminated, dancing waters of the Washington Park fountain. "The Light in Me" will also be heard daily by 20,000+ Mindful Music Moments school participants throughout the week preceding the BLINK festival (October 9-13).

Hear a sample of Peter Adams's "The Light in Me"

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Download "The Light in Me" poem template to inspire mindful conversation with your students

Download the Character Strengths list to help fill in the poem template.