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Meet Jenny! City Silence Host and Yogi

Posted on 01/06/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

Jenny is a resident of Anderson Township who enjoys volunteering, attending church and yoga and meditation. She hosted gatherings in Anderson Township last summer.

Here is what Jenny says about why she loves yoga and meditation.

I started yoga four years ago. My first yoga class was taught by Michelle. I enjoyed that class and was looking forward to doing more. I noticed that yoga calmed down my mind. I enjoy all the poses, but my favorite pose is tree pose. I like to stretch my arms up. Balancing is challenging for me. I use a walker to get around. But I am not afraid of a challenge. Balance can be hard, I keep trying because I want to be my best and succeed. Each pose is different and I learn a lot from each pose. I learn that my muscles can get stronger and that makes me feel awesome. When I am in a pose and can hold it, I feel like I got it right and I am strong.

Shavasana at the end of yoga made me think I would like meditation. It was my favorite part of yoga class. I would relax and think about how my body felt, I wasn't tired just relaxed.

I found out about City Silence and got to meet Stacy. Stacy is awesome. Meditation is so peaceful and is a little like church.