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The Wellspring Fellowship

The Wellspring Fellowship

A wellspring is an original and bountiful source. At The Well, we seek to collaborate with, feature and learn from original voices in mindfulness, music, movement and creativity via The Wellspring Fellowship. 

The Wellspring Fellowship is a four month virtual residency designed to lift up and share the work of our fellows, and to broaden our understanding of how to best serve personal growth, relational empathy and collective, public reconciliation and healing.

Fellows receive a stipend and an opportunity for their programs or process to be featured in The Well’s portal. Additionally, Wellspring Fellows will attend several Well Events (both internal strategy sessions and external public programs) throughout the four-month period.

Each fellowship comes with an intentional agreement to best match our individual fellow’s goals and to determine the most meaningful collaboration.

Winter 2022 Fellow: Isti Toq'ah

Isti Toq’ah is a peace educator who also loves teaching English and writing. She founded a grass-root movement, PANDAI (Indonesia’s Peace Education) Community, focuses on peace education based on Indonesia’s local wisdoms. This community built on December 31st, 2016 when she struggled to heal from multiple abuses. Later on, it became her graduation capstone for Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) in two universities: UPEACE (University for Peace) in Costa Rica and Ateneo de Manila University in Philippines in December 2017.

After years of bullying and radicalism, a peaceful encounter with her first human friend, a Catholic Chinese-Indonesian, in 2009 turned out to be love at the first sight to interfaith dialogue. A year later, her brave writing that questioned the tolerance teaching in Quran became one of the winners of paper competition. As a high schooler from Balikpapan, East Borneo, she wasn't fully confident to accept the invitation to present it in the International Relations Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, West Java.

Since then, her love to peace has gone deeper. Although her parents never register her to university, the Universe guided her to leave her hometown to study International Relations with concentration Strategic and Defense Studies in President University in Cikarang, West Java with full scholarship. Between 2012-2015, she volunteered as the Communication Officer of CINTA (Community for Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue) Indonesia where she grew from a shy girl into a brave activist. In 2014, she got a chance to get certified as a trainer of peace education by the first peace education organization in Indonesia called Peace Generation Indonesia. Lastly, after 20 failures, she got APS to study peace education and global politics.

Besides PANDAI (IG: @pandaiindonesia), she also has two other initiatives: Humane Human (IG: @humanehuman88) and English for All (IG: @englishforall88). 

Learn more about her journey and inspirations in Stories from The Well. Additionally, Isti is pursuing her dream of a Ph.D in Peace Education from UPEACE in Costa Rica and has launched a campaign for financial support. You can learn more about her Ph.D plans and how to support her here.