City Silence

City Silence

What is City Silence?

City Silence was created in 2015 to provide a no-cost, barrier-free introduction to silence, meditation and mindfulness practices. 

We support individuals who wish to hold space for their own practice and invite others to join. 

We provide:

 - A space in our Participate Listing

-  Promotional support via social media, boosted in your area to help you build traction.

- Tips on how to create a steady following.

- Materials, like this poster, to help you promote your City Silence locally.

Whether you participate in or host a City Silence gathering, we hope you will come to appreciate how the practice of connecting mind to body, connecting human to human, can deeply enhance your life and the health of our communities.

New to City Silence?

Silence and contemplative practices have been a part of every culture and every religion since the beginning of time. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate. We welcome you to practice whatever form of meditation or mindfulness is best for you.


  • No matter what you think about during City Silence or anytime you begin to practice, you did it perfectly! Notice the nature of your mind. And repeat.
  • Cultivate a body-sensing practice. You can notice your breath, the tempo and the symmetry of exhale to inhale. You can notice where you feel your breath in your body. You can notice sensation or lack of sensation.
  • Cultivate a listening practice. What do you hear around you? Become as interested in the noises around you as you would the notes in a symphony.
  • Cultivate a looking practice. In your mind, think about "first I noticed ..., then I noticed ... and then I noticed ...".
  • Smile.