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True Body Leadership Training. A Mindful Embodiment Masterclass. - By Donation


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True Body Leadership Training. A Mindful Embodiment Masterclass.

We have found that without any commitment we tend to lose our participants, so we suggest even a small monetary donation, or a trade of services we need to support our leadership training. We have a position for social ambassador (if you have a strong network, and you can help us with some meaningful social posts). If you have another skill to offer up just let us know (just need a conversation in advance).

The training includes:

  • Access to curriculum developed over 15 years including a 72-page workbook featuring fun mind/body activities, social emotional learning games and other projects from our award-winning program.
  • Access to six experiential virtual sessions (hour and a half each), to watch, experience and lead segments.
  • Six 3.5 hour virtual sessions dedicated to the leadership cohort
  • A private portal for connection and conversation between sessions.
  • Two private sessions with Founder Stacy Sims to support integration, embodiment and/or support with mindful business planning.
  • A private channel for all your training materials, videos and proprietary materials including your TBP MasterClass Training Workbook.

Our commitment to keep the training accessible to all, we offer three different options for registering. If you have more than enough resources consider sponsoring a True Body leadership scholarship by donating here.