In different forms, The Well programs have been nourishing the community since 2005. In 2019 we became the artist-led non-profit, A Mindful Moment.

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We work to nourish our community with programs (generally they have a beginning and end date or time) and in ongoing practices, both virtual in person. Come to The Well. Find the nourishment you need.

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Our stories live at the heart of art, connection and healing. Here are some of ours.

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Imagine an entire school – students, teachers, and administrators – taking time each morning to turn inward together, and listen to a brief mindfulness prompt and world-class music.

That's Mindful Music Moments, now in 320 PreK-12 public, private, and home schools, camps, and social service organizations daily, touching 135,000+ students in a calming and focusing ritual.

But Mindful Music isn't only useful in schools! Our program is designed so that your school's unique login can be shared with an entire school community– including parents and families. 

Ask your school's administrator or contact Program Manager Bryce Kessler to for your school's unique password and login using the link below:

login to receive mindful music moments content at home!

Looking to hear our Mindful Music Moments playlist at home? Listen now on Spotify!

K-12 Mindful Music Playlist - Spotify

K-12 Mindful Music Playlist (Cleveland) - Spotify

K-12 Momento de Meditación Musical - Spotify

PreK Mindful Music Playlist - Spotify

Mindfulness provides children with the agency on how they respond to outside influences, through calming and re-centering practices. By creating the habit of daily mindfulness through the daily announcements, we can promote simple tools for children and teachers. Recent studies have found that schoolchildren taught the technique show: 24% INCREASE in positive social behaviors, 24% DECREASE in aggression, 15% IMPROVEMENT in math scores, IMPROVED classroom behavior (self-control, paying attention, respect for others).

Sources: Developmental Psychology; Mindfulness; Journal of Child and Family Studies.

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