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"Connections" Adobe Making Session

1763 Hamilton Cleves Rd.
Hamilton , Oh 45013

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The Well hosts a day of support for a new artwork at Pyramid Hill sculpture park that needs you! Artist Ron Fondaw who will be creating an ephemeral adobe sculpture called “Connections", is opening up the process for all to participate.

The process of making adobe entails mixing soil and cement, once the adobe is made it will be placed on the frame of the sculpture in layers. This is labor intensive process, so having many hands will make light work.

The piece is designed to degrade with the weather, so volunteers are also asked to bring found objects to place in the layers. As time and weather slowly takes away the layers more of these pieces will be revealed. So, your work will be able to be viewed in different ways, as time goes on. Your objects should represent your self-identified Connection, openly defined, but could be connection to the Earth, Water, Ukraine, your ancestors or your own past or future or totem animal.

The Well will bring materials and offer mindful support to help you think about what you would like to include. Stop by or stay the whole time, that is up to you.