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TBP: Mindful Embodiment Practice Space

TBP: Mindful Embodiment Practice Space


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Once a month we hold (virtual) space to experience the True Body curriculum which is rooted in somatic experiencing, empathy, mindfulness, attunement and space holding. We will organize and play around a theme (i.e. grounding, centering, orienting) and explore via writing, art-making, and other creative and/or somatic techniques.

We offer this experiential session to the community for free with a suggested donation of $15-$25.

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Note: Please try to be on time as we try to create a very intentional beginning experience for our guests. Since this is a virtual event, you are welcome to mute/hide yourself on Zoom within the experience, but we will need to be able to see you at the beginning in order to create a safe experience for all of our guests. If you have difficulty with video (wifi issues or other tech challenges), please let us know in advance and perhaps share a little about yourself.