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Midweek Exhale with Kara Pierson, Wellspring Fellow ($9)

Midweek Exhale with Kara Pierson, Wellspring Fellow ($9)


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Together, in this virtual space:

We take time to reflect on the first half of the week and recharge ourselves for the second half.
We release tension from the body through intentional breathing and movement.
We give ourselves permission to rest.
We tap into the power that circulates through the energy centers of and around our bodies.

What to Bring To Enhance Your Experience:

Something to Drink
Pillow for your head / blanket
Journal/ Pen

This session is influenced by

Somatic Experiencing
QiGong Posturing and Breathwork

Kara Michelle Pierson is the founding Wellspring Fellow. She is the founder and owner of Lilac & Indigo. Her mission is to make space for individuals to recharge and reaffirm through rest and creativity.


Kara Pierson
Kara Pierson