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Mindful Embodiment Masterclass & Practices

True Body Leadership Training:
A Mindful Embodiment Masterclass

  • Do you have a mindfulness practice that needs somatic nourishment?
  • Do you have a desire to learn more about the mind-body connection?
  • Are you interested in deepening your awareness and listening skills?
  • Are you struggling with stress or the residue of trauma and/or interested in learning more?

Over the course of six months, you will join wise and curious others to explore the True Body curriculum, which is heavily weighted in somatic experiencing, empathy, mindfulness, attunement and space holding, with writing, art-making, play and other trauma-sensitive, embodiment practices. In the words of one recent participant, "it is lighthearted, deep work."

Meet our Spring/Summer 2021 Cohort!

Check out our TBP: Leadership Training Alumni


From March to August, 2021, we will meet virtually (Zoom) the first Saturday of the month, 1-4:30 pm ET, with additional once-a-month 1.5 hour sessions open to the community to experience and practice the concepts we are learning. 

  • Six 3.5 hour virtual Saturday sessions dedicated to the leadership cohort
    Note: We will record the sessions to be shared with the Leadership Training Cohort only for those who may need to miss one or two sessions.

    March 6, 1-4:30 pm, ET
    April 3, 1-4:30 pm, ET
    May 1, 1-4:30 pm, ET
    June 5, 1-4:30 pm, ET
    July 10, 1-4:30 pm, ET
    August 7, 1-4:30 pm, ET

  • Six 1.5 hour sessions for more practice time with guests. 

    March 9, 6 pm, ET
    April 10, 1 pm, ET
    May 11, 6 pm, ET
    June 12, 1 pm, ET 
    July 13, 6 pm, ET
    August 14, 1 pm, ET

  • Two private sessions (scheduled to meet your availablity).

The training includes:

  • Access to curriculum developed over 15 years including a 72-page workbook featuring fun mind/body activities, social emotional learning games and other projects from our award-winning program.
  • Access to six experiential virtual sessions (hour and a half each), to watch, experience and lead segments.
  • Six 3.5 hour virtual sessions dedicated to the leadership cohort
  • A private portal for connection and conversation between sessions.
  • Two private sessions with Founder Stacy Sims to support integration, embodiment and/or support with mindful business planning.
  • A private channel for all your training materials, videos and proprietary materials including your TBP MasterClass Training Workbook.


Our commitment to equity and accessibility means we offer pricing reflecting three different human realities: ample means, adequate means and limited means. 

If you have more than enough resources consider sponsoring a True Body leadership scholarship by donating here.

I have more than enough resources to register at a $400 rate, click here.

I have sufficient resources to register at a $250 rate, click here.

I have limited resources*. I will donate what I can. click here.**

*We have found that without any commitment we tend to lose our participants, so we suggest even a small monetary donation, or a trade of services. We have a position for social ambassador (if you have a strong network, and you can help us with some meaningful social posts). If you have another skill to offer up just let us know (just need a conversation in advance). Email us for more information.

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“The workshop has been a very positive experience for me. It helped me weave puzzles and pieces of knowledge together and I therefore feel it supports me in my teaching practise. But mostly it has shown me how many of the questions and thoughts that are part of my journey aren’t mine alone, we all are in search of this deep sense of being whole, being connected. And that small things really do matter. That was a powerful realisation for me." -Manuela, True Body Cross-Cultural Leadership Participant 2020

“True Body shows up in my flow, yin, therapeutic-style and nidra practices.  The various calming and energy-lifting techniques, plus somatic movements can nurture people of all ages and across all cultures” -Dorothy Blake, True Body Leadership Participant 

“I learned from True Body, how much I knew already to be true about myself and my experience in this life, that I somehow thought I did not know. The answers truly lie inside of myself. And that means that they lie inside of everyone else as well. True Body shows up in my current work with students and clients, in my ability to now have an understanding that their bodies’ hold stories, ones I do not know yet, and that they sometimes know and sometimes do not know, and as a trusted practitioner, I have the privilege of watching all of this unfold during our work together.” -Kathi Martuza, True Body Leadership Participant