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The Cleveland Orchestra Partnership

The Cleveland Orchestra, in partnership with Mindful Music Moments, offers a powerful, daily listening experience for students in 30+ schools in NE Ohio. Mindful Music features recordings of The Cleveland Orchestra for all 38 weeks of the program.

Some of the ways Mindful Music Moments programs have proven effective for schools are:

  • Reduction in reported anxiety (5th graders, nearly 30% reduction)

  • Reduction in number of disciplinary visits to office (elementary school)

  • Creation of a calm and focused start to the school day (anecdotal, nearly all participants)

  • Development of a student’s relationship to classical music. (students are enthusiastic when they hear music they are familiar with from Mindful Music)

Thanks to the support of The Cleveland Orchestra Mindful Music Moments is now FREE to all Northeast Ohio Schools! 

Ready to get started? Subscribe through the link below and you will receive an email with a unique password. We will follow up to set up your training/onboarding

  • Subscribe here to begin your 38 weeks of daily audio prompts with support materials. 

Need additional information about Mindful Music? Let us know how we can support you.

To find out more about The Cleveland Orchestra's Programs for Schools, visit The Cleveland Orchestra or email Sandra Jones, Manager, Education & Family Concerts.