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Mindful Music for Preschool

Our Preschool Program is Ready for Young Learners.


Thanks to support from the Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts, the Rosenthal Family Foundation, ArtsWave and in partnership with Cincinnati's Preschool Promise and the YMCA, Mindful Music Moments was able to adapt its content especially for our youngest learners. In 2020, thanks to The Andrew Jergens Foundation and our Symphony Partners we were able to offer the program for free to all Ohio preschools. 


  • Ease of implementation with a fully turnkey, web-based program. New Web App makes access even easier.

  • Subscription allows for entire school community to have access to Mindful Music, including paraprofessionals, teachers, parents and students so the program can be the continuity piece for blended and/or digitial learning.

  • Average of 3-4 minutes per audio recording makes a powerful, impact ritual without sacrificing academic time. (Here is a Day 1 sample recording for Fanfare for the Common Man. Days 2-5 each week are shorter.)
  • Combination of mindfulness and music education with extraordinary arts partners.

  • Fast results in shifting school culture and the morning routine to a more calm, focused and balanced start to the school day.

  • Teachers are able to enjoy their own Mindful Music Moment along with their students.

  • Materials are available to teachers for repetition later in the day if they choose.

  • Inclusion of training for the entire staff on the science of brain development and the deep effectiveness of mindfulness and music listening.

  • Communication to parents how they can repeat the program at home.


Our pricing model honors the small classroom/school sizes. As always, if you need us to help you find support, we will work with you.


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