City Silence

True Body Project

The True Body Project was created by Stacy Sims in 2005 as an intensive summer program for teen girls. The curriculum married art, writing, movement, mindfulness, activism, media literacy, gender studies and holistic wellness and encouraged girls to deepen their own exploration of what it means to be a human in a body and to share their experiences truthfully to advocate for the wellness of self and others. 

Today, the True Body Project (TBP) features Leadership Trainings and workshops so that individuals can bring this award-winning trauma-informed, social-emotional, mind-body work to schools and organizations in their area. While TBP still serves girls and women, the curriculum has been up-dated to be gender neutral and has been implemented with boys and girls, men and women from K-80+. TBP work is also designed to work across cultures and has been experienced by individuals and groups from around the world.