City Silence


Do you want to be seen? Do you want to be heard?

Posted January 14, 2020 in News Articles

"Our deepest human need is to be seen by other people — to really be seen and known by someone else." —Brené Brown Find our what's happening at The Well in our January Newsletter: read more

Off the Assembly Line: Bringing Mindfulness to Classrooms Through Music

Posted January 13, 2020 in News Articles

Off the Assembly Line is a podcast celebrating the stories of educators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and community-builders who see beyond the constraints of the education system and build into possibility. Hosted by Rebecca Reed, each... read more

How Meditation is Helping Local Students

Posted January 13, 2020 in News Articles

Kathrine Nero covered the pilot Mindful Music Moments exactly four years ago today. We were so happy to have her, thanks to the Enquirer, back in the classroom with us at Woodford Paideia Elementary School,... read more

Music and the Mind with Renee Fleming

Posted January 12, 2020 in News Articles

Photo: Opera star Renée Fleming led a fascinating discussion about the healing power of music, with Dr. John Tew, Jr. and Dr. Chris Tuell. Photo provided by the CSO On Wednesday night, Renee Fleming brought her... read more

What is Mindfulness? Stacy Sims with Channel 12 WKRC

Posted January 02, 2020 in News Articles

As the new year begins many of us are looking to create new, healthy practices. One of those practices might be mindfulness but what does that mean? The Well Founder Stacy Sims sits down with... read more