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What are you practicing?

Posted July 22, 2021 in News Articles

“When under pressure we go to what we practice, and we are always practicing something.” -Rev. angel Kyodo williams Read our full July newsletter: read more

Welcome our new A Mindful Moment trustees!

Posted July 07, 2021 in News Articles

We are excited to welcome Alisa Smith, Rana Dotson, and Maggie Brennan to our A Mindful Moment board! They each bring unique expertise to support and guide the growth of The Well.  Alisa Smith (pictured left) Alisa... read more

Cleveland Orchestra Presents HOME - Mindful Music Moments

Posted June 14, 2021 in News Articles

Original Article:

'Mindful Music Moments' brings 3 Ohio orchestras together to promote mindfulness in kids

Posted June 08, 2021 in News Articles

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Virtual Premiere, New Partners, Amazing People, Creative Connections.

Posted June 08, 2021 in News Articles

The art of thinking before one speaksIs an art that every human needsSpeak child, and lessen the hurtsMake sweeter and shorter the raceEvery day through your words, make the world a better place.      ... read more