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Mindful Music Makes an Impact for Students and Staff in its First Year at Summit Elementary

Posted October 08, 2021 in News Articles

Author: Regina Menninger

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As the music teacher for grades k-6 at Summit Elementary in Cincinnati, OH and Forest Hill's School District elementary general music department chair, Stacey Moyer gets to experience how the daily ritual of Mindful Music Moments uplifts her many students. 

This is the first year that Ms. Moyer has started using this program in her classroom, and she let us know how Mindful Music is assisting in positively shaping the environment of a school day at Summit. 

"As the music teacher at Summit Elementary, I use Mindful Music Moments in music class, and share the music with classroom teachers so that they can use it in their classrooms as well. Since the start of 2020, anxieties have been high due to COVID-19 and disruptions to students' school lives and home lives."

"In our school, we work with Zones of Regulation, helping students to use strategies to acknowledge and manage their emotions. I feel that Mindful Music Moments is a wonderful tool for kids (and adults!) to learn how to calm our bodies, focus on something outside of ourselves - the music - and check in with ourselves. How am I feeling today? Not all of my students will be professional musicians when they grow up, but they WILL all be humans dealing with stressors. Mindfulness and specifically mindfulness through music can help them cope with whatever life throws at them."

Scroll through the images above to get a glimpse into the Mindful Music Moments ritual inside the classrom.

Mindful Music Moments is now in more than 290 PreK-12 schools, camps, and social service organizations daily and climbing, touching 100,000+ students in a calming and focusing ritual.

You can bring this program to your school at any point during the academic year. For more information, head to our site here.