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Call for Mindful Poetry Book Submissions!

Posted May 12, 2021 in Press Releases

Mindful Poetry Moments, our collaboration with The On Being Project, has wrapped its third season! Over the five weeks, we all listened, gathered, and wrote in response to this year's selections. Now to celebrate we are publishing a Mindful Poetry 2021 Book! 

If you would like to submit a poem (or 2!) to be included, please send the following to by May 21st. 

  • Your name and location
  • Poem(s) with preference if we need to limit
  • Which week of MPM 2021 inspired your poem(s)*

We are not doing any editing of your poem, it is really how you wish it to be presented. If we have questions (capitalization, clear on intentions) we will reach out. Once we understand the scope of the book, page numbers, etc. we will figure out the pricing and the delivery and we will open preorders. Additionally, once the book is published there will be a celebratory virtual event where we get to hear each other read our poems!

*The Mindful Poetry 2021 Selections are listed below along with the suggested prompt shared. You can also check out the virtual gatherings on this special playlist. 

Week 1: Consider the Hands that Write This Letter by Aracelis Girmay
Suggested prompt: Write down on a piece of paper: Consider the hands that write this_________. Fill in the blank. 

Week 2: A Portable Paradise by Roger Robinson
Suggested prompt: Start your poem with "My _____ always says to me ________." And fill in the blanks with someone who helps you and what they tell you. 

Week 3: One Tree by Philip Metres
Suggested prompt: Think of an argument you witnessed or were a part of recently. Use that as a starting point for your poem. See how much detail you can add to your poem. 

Week 4: A Blessing by James Wright
Suggested prompt: Think of a moment when you experienced something beautiful. It can be very simple. Write a poem about that beautiful thing, naming the simple actions and details. 

Week 5: The Cave by Paul Tran
Suggested prompt: For your poem, think of an idea you have or have had and let it talk to you. What does your idea say? What does your idea look like? A person? An animal? When you feel like giving up, what does your idea do?