City Silence


Episode 7 of Three Sisters. Feeling Some Kind of Way. The Ladies Mattermore Return.

Posted March 02, 2021 in News Articles

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The Three Sisters return to catch up with each other and us after a rocky start to the year. Our nation lost (revealed?) it's footing, the pandemic continues to take lives, and the long journey Black humans have endured to MATTER in private and in public took a toll on many, including the Beard family bond itself.

Hear how Devona, Rana, and DeAndra have engaged in a process of strengthening their individual sense of agency in order to fortify their familial ties. We thank Sylvia High for her work with Aiming High.

All of this unfolds with tenderness, laughter, and love. In short, the Three Sisters are back!

Finally, at the beginning of the episode, you hear from Kara Pierson, our Wellspring Fellow, about a healing program for Black women this month. For more information, visit us here.