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Episode 6 of Three Sisters. Christmas Tree Bandits & The New Face of Santa. Meet Pastor Beard!

Posted December 22, 2020 in News Articles

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Note to family listeners with young ears nearby: The Beard family stories reveal a bit about Santa's true identity.

When we were mapping out our episode themes, we asked the Beard sisters if there were any Christmas traditions they might want to talk about. The energy in the Zoom room became electric with excitement and a bit of trepidation: "Can we tell THAT story?" We then asked, who might we invite from the Beard family to our holiday show?

"Daddy!" was the unanimous response.

In this spirited, sweet, humorous episode, learn about the Christmas Tree Bandits and how "in the midst of chaos, tradition grounds us." Also we receive the most touching blessing from Pastor Beard, a much needed balm of faith and light as we near the end of an unprecedented year.