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What a year! Recapping the highlights of 2020.

Posted December 15, 2020 in News Articles

Author: Stacy Sims

Dear ones:

My heavens. What a year! I am so hopeful that this year-end letter finds you and your loved ones in good health and resilient spirits, staying as safe as you can.

Our work at The Well has become even more critical this year to support personal, relational and public healing. Despite our small staff (a mighty two of us!), our collaborative, intersectional work combined with a deepening need for mind-soothing and creative nourishment has allowed us to grow our programs and our reach this past year. Here are a few highlights:

  • Mindful Music Moments now reaches nearly 70,000 students in 182 schools in Ohio and beyond. Nearly 5,000 of those students are preschoolers, enjoying a custom playlist for free thanks to our Ohio music partners and the Andrew Jergens Foundation.
  • Reached thousands of students and adults for free through our partnership with the On Being Project and generous donors for Mindful Poetry Moments. Our Virtual Gatherings have become a beloved ritual for many around the world. We also published a 75-page Pandemic Collection of original poems written during our gatherings.
  • Conceived and co-produced Camp cARTwheel with ArtWorks and WavePool, supported by ArtsWave, to provide income to teen apprentices, artists and organizations and provide virtual art-fueled experiences for nearly 400 youth from Cincinnati and beyond.
  • Won first prize in the International Music Awards competition for Best Use of Music in Towns & Cities.
  • Launched the WLNS Channel for patients and staff thanks to our partnership with UC Health’s Integrative Medicine team and generous donors. Delivered via a web-app and a dedicated TV channel in patient rooms on the central campus featuring Mindful Music videos, art-fueled content from the CSO, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Zoo and exceptional videos from the Integrative Medicine team.
  • Created custom playlists and content for ArtsWave, WGUC and the Cleveland Orchestra to support individuals during the complexities of COVID.
  • Launched the The Wellspring Fellowship. A wellspring is an original and bountiful source. At The Well, we seek to collaborate with, feature and learn from original voices in mindfulness, music, movement and creativity via The Wellspring Fellowship, a four month residency designed to lift up and share the work of our fellows, and to broaden our understanding of how to best serve personal growth, relational empathy and collective, public reconciliation and healing.
  • Produced the first 5 luminous episodes of Three Sisters, a new podcast from The Well featuring the stories of The Beard sisters Devona, Rana, and DeAndra. The maternal sister, the rebel sister and the baby girl explore their familial foundations in faith and music to speak on themes such as change, suffering, celebration, love and the meaning of life, together.
  • Conducted two True Body Leadership Trainings, one in Cambodia in January and our first 6 month virtual training which concludes early 2021.

It would be so meaningful to Rowe, the Board, and I if you would consider a gift to A Mindful Moment, the non-profit organization that nourishes the programs of The Well. We will steward your funds toward more services for schools and others in need. Or if you would like to talk about a special project or pilot, we would love to hear your ideas and share ours.


Stacy Sims