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Episode 5 of Three Sisters. Music From the Hearth.

Posted December 08, 2020 in News Articles

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Music is an essential part of what makes and moves the Beard sisters. In this episode, the sisters share their afrocentric music roots with classical composer and Three Sisters Music Director Brian Raphael Nabors. From spirited "performances" from the hearths of the Beard and Nabors' homes, to their shared musical influences (a Three Sisters Spotify playlist!), to their reverence for and reflections on the intelligence of the human voice to transcend the most difficult of circumstances, the sisters and Brian bring the Word to the work of life and music. We also get to hear John Hall (Pappy's) influential voice and hear the premiere of the Three Sisters theme music.


Anthony R. Greene
Castle of our Skins
The Mask We Wear

Three Sisters Spotify Playlist

Full StoryCorps interviews with John "pappy" Hall

John Hall and DeAndra Beard

John Hall and Etiwanda Beard

John Hall and Rana Dotson

John Hall and Devona Anderson (singing Etiwanda Beard, DeAndra Beard, Rana Dotson)