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Episode 4 of Three Sisters. Fear, Faith and Hope, Part 2: It’s Not What it Looks Like.

Posted November 25, 2020 in News Articles

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In this episode, the Beard sisters continue their reflection on moments of profound and overwhelming fear in each of their lives: the premature birth of Devona’s daughter Zora, the near-death experience of Rana’s husband Julian, and when DeAndra went from the sanctuary of church into an unexplained coma.

As always, prayer, faith and powerful images and messages orchestrate the way the sisters and their families heal, survive and thrive despite extraordinary circumstances.

We are grateful to Ben Anderson, Devona’s husband, for his support of our podcast. Our hearts go out to the Anderson family as they process the loss of Ben’s sister Carmen last week.


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Rana's children (and Julian) tell the story, in their own words.
Cardiac Arrest Save Coin ceremony recognized all of the first responders who took part in saving Julian's life, including the four children in the car.