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Monday Meditation: See No Stranger

Posted November 23, 2020 in News Articles

Our strategic mission for 2020 is to listen, ask questions and then listen again. In assessing our own task-oriented practice (we love a to-do list!!), we have come to understand how this can narrowly inform our growth. So we have begun implementing a Monday Morning ritual of strategic meditation practice.

We opened up our process on November 23rd to the public. We inspires ourselves with a reading See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur, a 15-minute meditation, five minutes of writing, and then prompted reflection about how that meets us personally and professionally. Together, we contemplated the idea of midwifing ideas, projects, relationships into being through the process of breathe and push and how we are going to set that into action in the week ahead. We finished our time with a haiku, which are shared below.

Breathe & Push
by Nancy Paraskevopoulos

There's no way to know
What life will look like after
This breath, or this one

I am so tired.
Will we get groceries online?
The list's on the fridge

Breathe and Push
by Melissa Currence

My arms hold this space
Like a basket of laundry
For this little family

Labor of Revolutionary Love
by Rowe Schnure

Encircled in love
we hold eachother, breathe and push
together, we're alive.