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Episode 1 of Three Sisters. The Place Where We Abide, The Water We Are In

Posted October 31, 2020 in News Articles

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There's the Chekhov play, where three sisters ponder purpose, change and the meaning of life. There are the three Native American crops, squash, beans and corn. When planted together, they are thought to create sacred significance to sustain life. There are the three sisters rock formations in the Blue Mountains of Australia and the volcanic peaks in Oregon.

And now we meet the Beard sisters from Kokomo, Indiana: Devona, the maternal eldest, Rana, the rebel, and DeAndra the baby girl. All of the sisters attended HBCU's before finding their own path in equity and social healing via medicine (Devona), policy and poetry (Rana), and in social enterprise (DeAndra).

In this episode, we meet the sisters and begin to learn about the family dynamic that sowed the deep seeds of love that keep the sisters, and now us, grounded in what really matters.