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Off the Assembly Line: Bringing Mindfulness to Classrooms Through Music

Posted January 13, 2020 in News Articles

Off the Assembly Line is a podcast celebrating the stories of educators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and community-builders who see beyond the constraints of the education system and build into possibility. Hosted by Rebecca Reed, each week Off the Assembly Line is a dose of possibility-sparking conversation.

Reed, herself once an educator and now a developer of teachers, sees an untapped intersection where education, innovation, and the real world collide. She says via her website, “It's a space of incredible possibility and urgency that will define the next generation of education.” She now works to help innovative educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations build and thrive in this intersection. Reed offers a Teacher Mastermind program that connects future-focused educators, administrators and industry professionals across the globe for peer coaching, collaboration, brainstorming, and skill-building. If you are interested in joining this community, they are opening new cohorts in February and are now accepting applications for new members.

Off the Assembly Line's episode #14 is with The Well Founder and Executive Director Stacy Sims! Stacy shares the journey of how Mindful Music Moments went from one school to now 150+ across the nation and the wonderful impacts on students and teachers day to day lives.

Hear the full interview here:

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