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Mindful Music showcased on Channel 9 News

Posted October 23, 2019 in News Articles

It all started with a tweet.

Mason Intermediate Teacher Amy Whitling shared, "Poems inspired by this week’s @MindfulMusicNow “Blink/ The Light in Me” piece Love these powerful writers. #MasonMoment" with an accompanying image of four girls prouldy holding their poems.

When Mindful Music founder Stacy Sims saw this she had an idea. Having been contacted by WCPO Channel 9 to feature MMM on the Cincy Lifestlye segment, she suggested for Mason Intermediate to be part of the feature. Resulting in a Showcase of not only the Mindful Music program but also the hardwork of a local teacher and school to provide support for the students mental and emotional well-being.

Thank you Cincy Lifestyle for the feature and spotlight on one of our partners, Mason City Schools. See the full clip: