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Stories from the Well

Trauma-Informed Recommended Reading

Posted on 01/10/20 by Rowe in True Body Project

Trauma is a fact of life. Distressing and disturbing events happen everyday, affecting an individual or group’s way of functioning. If you have been navigating or working in the wellness world, then you may have... read more

Educators Utilizing Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom

Posted on 01/07/20 by Rowe in Mindful Music Moments

Each weekday morning, 150 schools (and counting) who participate in Mindful Music Moments start their day with a mindfulness prompt focused around a 3- to 5-minute clip of world-class music. This is an opportunity for both... read more

Notice Your New Year

Posted on 12/31/19 by Rowe in City Silence

Welcoming a new year straddles the curious space between reflection and forward intention. We can find ourselves caught dwelling on the past year while also making grand statements of resolution for the New Year. But... read more

‘Tuning In’ with Sound Healing

Posted on 12/07/19 by Rowe in Stories from The Well

By Max Raphael Inviting SoundNo matter who I’m with and where,I realize—or at times, I’m humbly reminded—that the more I learn to truly slow down,to deeply listen and simply be,the more richly and harmoniouslyI play each... read more

Connect in Stillness

Posted on 12/06/19 by Rowe in City Silence

As we approach the end of the year, holidays and end-of-year business keeps us stimulated and possibly stressed. Yet, wintertime is an opportunity to slow down, go inward and rediscover the bliss you hold within... read more