City Silence

Stories from the Well

On Current Times

Posted on 06/08/20 by in Stories from The Well

by: Brian Raphael Nabors, Doctor of Musical Arts, A Mindful Moment Board MemberWhat a chaotic time this is. One that seems to be an ongoing bad dream filled with struggle, hardship, and depravity. It is... read more

Waking Up

Posted on 06/01/20 by in Stories from The Well

By Megan Trischler Every morning around 5:30 a.m. I click the button of our bright orange kettle. I weigh the coffee beans and take in their floral scent with a deep inhale. My ears brighten at... read more

Silence is for the brave.

Posted on 04/13/20 by in Stories from The Well

By: Manuel Iris Stay inside, stay insideand you will be safe. Stay inside. I am not talking (exclusively) about the pandemic we now face, but about a very much needed inner retreat. About a way to find freedom... read more

What is Waiting to be Found When We Pause?

Posted on 03/09/20 by in Stories from The Well

By Sarah Yeung “What are you going to do?” This is the first question I am asked when people found out I’m taking a sabbatical from a corporate career. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.Focusing on my... read more

Creating a Sense of Ease in Difficult Times with Mindful Music

Posted on 02/11/20 by Rowe in Mindful Music Moments

A visit to the hospital can be uncomfortable for anyone. But for a child, the beeping of machinery, the constant shuffle of nurses and the unfamiliarity can make rest feel impossible. This is how five-year-old... read more