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Stories from the Well

Take a breath, say thank you, live better.

Posted on 11/05/17 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

We love this simple graphic from the Huffington Post and its partners on how practicing gratitude affects both mind and body for better living. Mindful Music helps our students have a relationship with the autonomic (involuntary)... read more

Donors to our School Support Fund, 2017

Posted on 11/04/17 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

We are so thankful to generous donors who have enabled us to fund schools who need extra support. This year, we have been able to provide full or partial funds to 15 schools and organizations thanks... read more

"The best part of their day": Mindful Music Moments at Wilcox Primary School

Posted on 11/01/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Mindful Music Moments school partner Wilcox Primary School (Twinsburg, Ohio) kicked off its MMM programming earlier this year, and they provided this happy update: Wilcox Primary School began Mindful Music Moments in September after the school's... read more

Mindful Music Moments receives attention from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Posted on 11/01/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Cleveland Plain Dealer arts writer Zachary Lewis highlighted Mindful Music Moments in its roundup of outreach and educational events recently announced by The Cleveland Orchestra. Mindful Music Moments is proud to join the orchestra's diverse menu... read more

Musical momentum: How one school brought music back into the classroom and engineered an incredible turnaround

Posted on 11/01/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

The Guardian (U.K.) profiled the surprising turnaround of Feversham Primary Academy (located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire), a once-struggling institution that embraced an unconventional approach to academic improvement. The secret? Integrating music, art, and... read more