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Louka Leppard's Water Meditation

Posted on 06/04/15 by Stacy in

Louka Leppard is an artist, photographer, writer and the founder of Tulamassage & Tulayoga.His primary interests are inproportion, line, space and form,timing, rhythm and melody,sensation, emotion and posture,interpersonal dynamics and communication,the devotional, ceremonial and meditative... read more

City Silence, The Joseph House & Charitable Words

Posted on 05/29/15 by Ann in

City Silence Founder Stacy Sims has been working with veterans from the Joseph House in Cincinnati this year on mindfulness and other trauma release somatic exercises. She was introduced to the veterans by Tom Callinan,... read more

Meet Dr. Baxter Bell, City Silence Contributor

Posted on 05/29/15 by Stacy in

In Cincinnati, we remember Baxter Bell as a young physician who brought fun and humor to every event he attended. Ever since, Baxter Bell, MD, has been actively deepening his understanding of yoga and relaxation since... read more

Why Silence?

Posted on 05/26/15 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

I remember a time when I thought that if I didn’t say things out loud, if I didn’t tell someone my agitations or my experiences, then they didn’t really happen. This was also the time... read more