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Educators Utilizing Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom

Posted on 01/07/20 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

Each weekday morning, 150 schools (and counting) who participate in Mindful Music Moments start their day with a mindfulness prompt focused around a 3- to 5-minute clip of world-class music. This is an opportunity for both... read more

Mindful Visit: Max Raphael at Wilson Elementary

Posted on 10/27/19 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

Wilson Elementary got a unique visitor this week. Soundhealer Max Raphael of True Resonance (on the playlist Week 17), introduced students to his unique array of instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native Flute, Chimes, and... read more

Mindful Music Reaches Beyond the Classroom for Family Participation

Posted on 09/03/19 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

We believe having a personal or family mindfulness practice is essential to combat the day-to-day stress of life, heightened by our dependence on the digital world. We are listening to people like Tristan Harris and... read more

Meaningful Arts Partnerships Make Beautiful Music

Posted on 03/07/19 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

In our Cincinnati-cohort schools this week, some 30,000 students will listen to music created especially for Mindful Music. Mindful Music Moments is privileged to collaborate with creative artists of all types, with the common mission of... read more

Self Expression Lesson Plan with Napoleon Maddox's I Offer Me Still

Posted on 03/11/18 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

Thanks to Indian Hill Middle School for inspiring this lesson plan using Napoleon Maddox's Spoken Word Guided Meditation, created for Mindful Music Moments in 2017. Learn to notice what a poem means and write your... read more