City Silence

Stories from the Well

In Gratitude

Posted on 11/08/19 by Abby in Stories from The Well

Have you ever been so consumed by an idea, a thought, an action that energizes you, motivates you and makes you feel alive. That is how I feel about gratitude. Hi my name is Rachel DesRochers... read more

Mindful Visit: Max Raphael at Wilson Elementary

Posted on 10/27/19 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

Wilson Elementary got a unique visitor this week. Soundhealer Max Raphael of True Resonance (on the playlist Week 17), introduced students to his unique array of instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native Flute, Chimes, and... read more

Inspired Listening: Tristan Harris Fighting Skynet & Firewalling Attention

Posted on 09/30/19 by Abby in Mindful Communication Tristan Harris sits down with Tim Ferriss to share about his journey with mindfulness, understanding the brain and attention and what led him to start the Center for Humane Technology. What really inspired us from this... read more

Dealing with Digital Dependency

Posted on 09/24/19 by Abby in Mindful Communication

The wonder of our modern world is being able to connect locally and globally in a matter of seconds. Yet this growing web of information, complaint and scandal has, in many cases, created a divided... read more

Weaving with Intention

Posted on 09/03/19 by Abby in Stories from The Well

“Being creative is not so much the desire to do something, as the listening that which wants to be done: the dictation of materials.” –Anni Albers, On Weaving, 1974 Hi, I'm Abby. I help Stacy out... read more