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Inspired Listening: Tristan Harris Fighting Skynet & Firewalling Attention

Posted on 09/30/19 by Abby in Mindful Communication

Tristan Harris sits down with Tim Ferriss to share about his journey with mindfulness, understanding the brain and attention and what led him to start the Center for Humane Technology.

What really inspired us from this podcast (at 35:08), was the mention of the "21 day no complaint experiment". The backstory, in 2006, Will Bowen, a midwestern minister, challenged his congregation to not complain for 21 days. The protocol was simple, wear a bracelet, and when you complain switch the bracelet to the other hand, restarting the 21 day clock. The effects on peoples quality of life and their thinking and lens inwhich they look at reality was profound. The nitty gritty of it is training an awareness of the statements of your mind and the statements you use. Tapping into what constitutes the soundtrack of our daily lives.

What inspired you?