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Meaningful Arts Partnerships Make Beautiful Music

Posted on 03/07/19 by Stacy in Mindful Music Moments

In our Cincinnati-cohort schools this week, some 30,000 students will listen to music created especially for Mindful Music.

Mindful Music Moments is privileged to collaborate with creative artists of all types, with the common mission of promoting exposure to and wellness through the arts. Last summer, thanks to Dr. John and Susan Tew, in partnership with Cincinnati's Music Resource Center (MRC) and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Educator Network, we were delighted to help host the dynamic young composer Brian Raphael Nabors for a multi-week residency at MRC.

MRC utilizes the recording and performing arts to create a sense of empowerment and accomplishment among teens in urban communities, and Nabors worked directly with MRC's student musicians to offer mentoring, as well as to create and record original music.

Said Nabors:

"Music inspires us to think higher, reach further, and dream bigger, leading us to incredible advancements that change the face of mankind."

Learn more about Brian Raphael Nabors and his summer at MRC
Blog post courtesy of Castle of Our Skins

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