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"The best part of their day": Mindful Music Moments at Wilcox Primary School

Posted on 11/01/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Mindful students at Wilcox Primary School (Twinsburg, Ohio)

Provided: Wilcox Primary School/Lynn Villa

Mindful Music Moments school partner Wilcox Primary School (Twinsburg, Ohio) kicked off its MMM programming earlier this year, and they provided this happy update:

Wilcox Primary School began Mindful Music Moments in September after the school's principal attended a session at the OAESA conference last June.

Wilcox houses all of the Twinsburg City School District's preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students with a total enrollment of 670 students, ages 3-7. Over the past few years Wilcox staff had been noticing a need for students to take a break during their day to be silent, calm, and centered. Some teachers had tried "brain breaks" and their own mindfulness lessons. But now, Mindful Music Moments has brought a common ritual to everyone in the building, every day.

In just a short time, students and staff have begun to anticipate the opportunity to listen to world class music from the Cleveland Orchestra and to allow themselves a few minutes to breath and reflect. It is a calm beginning to the school day. In addition, teachers have utilized the music at other times of the day such as after recess and before a test.

Principal Lynn Villa said, "I am usually the person playing the music on our PA system, so I don't get to see what is happening in the classrooms during MIndful Music Moments. But I know it is working when students tell me that Mindful Music Moments is the best part of their day. I have students demonstrating what they do when they listen and sharing that the breathing techniques help them when they feel anxious or stressed."

Principal Villa presented Mindful Music Moments last week at the Twinsburg Board of Education meeting. Board members and the audience all participated in a few minutes of mindfulness and the feedback was positive from all in attendance.

Mindful Music Moments is certainly having an impact at Wilcox!