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Musical momentum: How one school brought music back into the classroom and engineered an incredible turnaround

Posted on 11/01/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Abiha Nasir, nine, is the first Muslim girl successfully to audition for Bradford’s gifted and talen

Abiha Nasir, nine, at Feversham Primary Academy. Photo: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

The Guardian (U.K.) profiled the surprising turnaround of Feversham Primary Academy (located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire), a once-struggling institution that embraced an unconventional approach to academic improvement.

The secret? Integrating music, art, and drama into every part of the school day.

Feversham began providing each student up to six hours of music per week, and the results have been extraordinary--the school is now in the top 10% nationally for student progress in reading, writing, and math.

According to the story, headteacher Naveen Idrees acknowledged that the new approach was a “big risk” but has become convinced that it could transform other struggling schools. He credits arts integration with helping improve students' social and emotional development, as well as deepen their love of learning.

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